Toughened Glass FAQs

Everything you need to know about Toughened Glass

Toughglaze is an established and world-renowned leader in the manufacture of glass including Toughened Glass and we have been in operation since 1993. Over the years, we have grown by heavily investing in our state of the art production equipment, processes and facilities. We continually focus on improving the efficiency of our production methods, ensuring 100% quality of the glass we manufacture and supply. We are glass experts and we know everything that needs to be known about the manufacture and supply of quality glass products. We offer our services for small, medium and large domestic and commercial projects and our glass range enables you to create bespoke designs with safe products complying to BS EN standards as listed on our Kite Mark Licence.

What is the difference between toughened and tempered glass?

Toughened glass is also known as Tempered glass and they are the same types of glass. It is a safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared to normal glass. 

In this article, we refer to toughened, safety and tempered glass as they are the same glass product.

What is toughened glass?

Toughened glass, also referred to as tempered glass is physically and thermally stronger than normal glass. The prime function of any toughened glass is to ensure if broken for whatever reason then it breaks safely. The manufacturing process also increases the strength of the glass and makes it 4 – 5 times stronger than normal annealed or regular glass. It is ideal for many applications especially when incorporated into lamination.

If tempered glass is broken the stress contained from its manufacturing is released and results in the glass breaking into small harmless pebble-like particles.

Toughened glass is now required by regulation for every building project due to its increased strength and safety characteristics.

Is toughened glass fire rated?

There is a difference between Fire Rated Glass and Toughened Glass and some safety glass should not be used where fire resistance is also needed. Fire rated glass uses at least two panels of toughened glass and the cavity between each sheet of glass is filled with a transparent intumescent gel interlayer. In the event of a fire, the interlayer reacts to the heat, expands and reacts creating an effective safety barrier from the radiant heat of a fire. The number of interlayers and glass sheets depends on the fire rating required.

Fire Glass is needed in residential and commercial projects to protect essential escape routes in the event of a fire. It is used to protect stairwells, close by buildings and access doors and points.

Building Regulations determine what fire resistance glazing is needed for any residential or commercial buildings.

Is toughened glass more expensive?

Tempered glazing is not always more expensive than other types of glass and it really depends on the size and spec of the glass that you need. Laminated glass tends to be more expensive and heavier than tempered glass.

Is toughened glass heat resistant?

Tempered glass is heat resistant, however, be aware that it is not fire resistant unless it is manufactured to be fire resistant as well.

What temperature can toughened glass withstand?

Tempered glass can withstand temperatures of up to 243 C. Tempered glass is regular glass that has been strengthened through thermal or chemical treatment.

Is toughened glass breakable?

Yes, tempered glass is breakable, however, the manufacturing process it goes through increases its strength and makes it 4 – 5 times stronger than normal annealed or regular glass. The prime function of any tempered glass is to ensure if it is broken that it breaks safely by shattering into thousands of tiny pebble-like pieces. This eliminates the dangerous sharp edges and flying shards of regular glass when it’s broken. The prime function of any tempered glass is to ensure if it does break that it breaks safely.

What is the difference between toughened glass and regular glass?

Toughened glass is also known as safety or tempered glass and it breaks down into thousands of small pieces that have less sharp edges. This is as a result of the annealing process where the glass is cooled down slowly, which makes it stronger, impact and scratch resistant compared to regular glass.

Is toughened glass laminated?

Tempered glass is not normally laminated. Laminated glass can be manufactured with the flexibility to include an array of colours or interlayers to achieve the desired look, including thickness, heat resistance or impact resistance. Laminated glass can also go through the tempering process.

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is a safety glass that holds together when shattered. When broken it is held in place by vinyl interlayers that are between the layers of glass. Laminated glass is stronger than regular glass due to its interlayers and it stands up to greater impact compared to other types of glass. If a laminated glass is broken, the interlayer holds the pane of glass in place, leaving no sharp, jagged, dangerous holes for anyone to use to break in or hurt themselves on. Laminated glass is used in car windscreens and most shop fronts.

Is toughened glass double glazed?

Tempered glass is not double glazed.

Can toughened glass be cut?

Yes, tempered glass can be cut but it has to be done before the toughening process happens.

Can toughened glass be drilled?

Tempered glass can’t be drilled and if it is the glass will completely shatter. If you want a hole drilled in tempered glass, the hole or any other shaping needs to be done before the toughening process. When all the preparation of the glass such as; drilling, notching and edgework and any printing have been completed the toughening process can begin.

Can toughened glass break?

Tempered glass can break and the most common causes for it breaking is damage caused during installation, including nicked or chipped edges which can later develop into larger areas which have normally radiated from these defect points. The tempered glass then shatters into thousands and thousands of tiny pieces as a whole pane.

Can toughened glass be recycled?

Unfortunately, tempered glass can’t be recycled as it contains a mix of chemicals from its production and this means it has a different melting point to glass bottles and jars, therefore it isn’t possible to recycle.

Toughened Glass

Can toughened glass crack?

Tempered glass can crack and a tiny crack normally results in the whole pane of glass shattering into the tiny pieces which are the main benefit and safety aspect of it.

Can toughened glass be cut down?

Tempered glass cannot be cut after it has been toughened as it will break into thousands of the small round pebble-like pieces.

Can toughened glass be re-cut?

Toughened glass can’t be cut and it will shatter into the thousands of tiny pieces if it is. It can be cut and prepared before the toughening process which is what normally happens.

How does toughened glass break?

Tempered glass panes are broken and shattered into thousands of tiny pieces, much like tiny, tiny pebbles, protecting anyone around it from the dangers of large dangerous shards or glass.

How is toughened glass made?

Tempered glass is made by the glass being passed through an oscillating furnace and heated to around 630 C. Once the heating process is completed, the glass is transferred to the quenching chamber where it is rapidly cooled. This process changes the structure of the glass, creating a highly compressed stress surface. If the glass is broken the contained stress is released and results in the glass breaking into very small harmless particles.

How is glass toughened?

Regular glass is passed through an oscillating furnace and heated to around 630 C. When the heating process is completed, it is transferred to the quenching chamber to be cooled rapidly. The cooling process changes the structure of the glass and it creates a compressed stress glass surface. If the glass is then broken the contained stress is released and it results in the glass breaking into thousands of very small pebble-like pieces.

How is toughened glass cut?

Tempered glass is always prepared and cut to size before the toughening process.

How do you identify toughened glass?

  1. Look for the Kitemark which manufacturers are required to identify it with. There should be a stamp in at least one of the corners or the pane of glass. The stamp may say Tempered, Temp or Toughened and it is either sandblasted into the glass or applied as a porcelain overlay
  2. If you run your finger along the edges of the glass and the edges are smooth then it is likely the glass has been toughened. This is providing the glass is in good condition and the roughness isn’t a result of abrasion over its use
  3. Look for any surface scratches on one side of the pane of glass. If any are visible then these may have occurred from debris left over from the toughening process. This happens if the glass isn’t properly cleaned before it is heated. Small particles can melt and fuse onto the glass and the debris gets dragged along the surface causing small scratches during the cleaning part of the toughening process
  4. If you view toughened glass in the sunlight with polarised glasses you can see dark or shady lines running through it. These lines come from the rollers the glass is rested on during the toughening process
  5. As an absolute last resort, you can tell if a glass is toughened by scoring a line on it with a window cutting tool. If the glass is toughened it will make a glittery and uneven line. If the glass is regular glass the window cutting tool will make a clean, white line. It is always better to consult with a window specialist rather than do this yourself as if you score tempered glass too much it will shatter into the thousands of tiny pieces

How strong is toughened glass?

A tempered glass should be 4 – 5 times stronger than normal annealed or regular glass.

How do you clean toughened glass?

The best way to clean toughened glass is the same way you would clean regular glass. Use warm soapy water and then wipe it dry and clean with a microfibre cloth or kitchen towel.

How do you cut toughened glass to size?

If you need your glass a specific size or shape then it always needs to be cut before it goes through the toughening process. Cutting it after this will not work as the whole pane will shatter.

How to remove a toughened glass?

Toughened glass is removed by heating the edges to remove them from any surrounding frames. We strongly advise you don’t try and remove toughened glass yourself as there is a high chance of the pane shattering. Always get advice from a glass specialist like Toughglaze UK if you need to do this.

How thick is toughened glass?

Tempered glass comes in a range of thicknesses and it depends on what you are using it for as to how thick it should be. It ranges between 5 to 19mm and 6mm is the absolute minimum use for public areas. An expert and specialist glass manufacturer like Toughglaze UK can advise you on the thickness of your toughened glass and building regulations will dictate this most of the time.

How do you smash toughened glass?

You would have to hit tempered glass a lot harder than regular glass to smash it. As it is 4-5 tougher this generally means it takes 4-5 times more force to break it. If it does break on impact then the whole pane will shatter rather than leaving any jagged holes or edges where the impact has been made.

How do you test toughened glass?

Specialist glass manufacturers will test that the toughened glass they produce meets all of the quality and kitemark standards.

Toughglaze’s whole production process is controlled and monitored to ensure their products conform to the required standard BS EN 12150 and each one is tested and approved to BS EN 12600. The prime function of any tempered glass is to ensure if it breaks for whatever reason that it breaks safely. Toughglaze also recommends that all tempered glass is heat soak tested to reduce the chance of any spontaneous breakage after installation.

Be aware that tempered glass can be broken and if it is not installed correctly then this can cause it to shatter there and then or at a later time. If a tempered glass does break it does not necessarily mean the glass was faulty in any way and a reputable glass manufacturer will be able to show you the testing that the glass went through during its manufacturing process.

How do you grind toughened glass?

Toughened glass is not cuttable or grindable and it will shatter if you attempt it. This is why it is so important to use a specialist glass manufacturer to make sure the glass you are using is manufactured to your exact measurements.

What temperature can toughened glass withstand?

Toughened glass can withstand constant temperatures of up to approx 243 degrees C but this will vary by manufacturer so always refer to them if it will be exposed to abnormally high temperatures.

What is clear toughened glass?

A clear toughened glass is regular clear glass that has gone through the toughening or tempering process, making it 4-5 times stronger.

What is laminated toughened glass?

A toughened laminated glass is even stronger than toughened or laminated glass and it is produced to customers specifications. It offers total flexibility to select a vast array of glass or interlayers to achieve customer expectations.

Laminated Toughened glass can incorporate glass panes of varying thickness from 4mm -19mm and it can have a normal or satin finish with the possibility to silk screen or digital print to customer requirements.

What is tempered toughened glass?

A tempered toughened glass is the same as either tempered or toughened glass. Tempered and toughened glass are the same, they are just to referred to using the different names.

What is heat soaked toughened glass?

Heat-soaking is a method that reduces the possibility of spontaneous breakage in tempered glass. Heat soak testing is a process that is used by excellent glass manufacturers and it reduces the likelihood of spontaneous breakage sometimes months or even years after installation

After the glass is toughened Toughglaze position the individual glass panels on special racks and they are placed inside a calibrated oven. The glass is then heated for two hours and stabilised at 280 – 300 C. This temperature is maintained for a further two hours and then the glass is allowed to cool for two hours or until it gets below a certain temperature. Any breakages detected at this stage are replaced and the sequence starts again.

Although this test prevents a lot of breakages in the future, other breakages can still occur.

Where is toughened glass required?

Building regulations for glass have been applicable to all glazing replacements or installations from 1st April 2002. The regulations also apply to thermal performance as well as safety, air supply, means of escape and ventilation.

An external window or door is a “controlled fitting” under the Building Regulations and as a result of this these regulations set out certain standards when a window or door is replaced.

Safety glazing should be installed for any glass in a critical area.  Below is a list giving a general view when a toughened glazing is required:

  • Any glazed area within a window below 800mm from floor level
  • Any glazed area within a window that is 300mm or less from a door and up to 1500mm from floor level
  • Within any glazed door up to 1500mm from floor level

Where is toughened glass used?

Tempered glass is now used the most due to the change in building regulations from 1st April 2002.

It is used in domestic and commercial windows and doors, emergency exits, car windows, shower doors, tables, refrigerator shelves and many more. The reason it is used most is that when it breaks it shatters into thousands of tiny round pebble-like pieces rather than sharp jagged shards of glass, making it safer for anyone or any other structures around.

Where to buy toughened glass?

If you are looking to buy tempered glass then you should always purchase it from a reputable glass manufacturer who will have the processes and checks in place to ensure it meets all safety and kitemark standards. In the unlikely event that it does break you want to ensure it shatters into the tiny pieces so no one around is injured.

Where do I need toughened glass?

You need to use toughened glazing in doors, windows, partitions and generally, anywhere it forms part of the structure of a building, and this is guided and regulated by building regulations. It is also now used a lot for more decorative purposes, tables, shower doors, shelves and so forth and this is because it is safer when it breaks.

Where do you need toughened glass?

Tempered glass has been used in doors, windows, partitions and building structures since building regulations changed 1st April 2002. It is now used a lot decoratively for shower doors, tables, and shelves etc due to its safe breaking process where whole panes shatter into thousands of tiny pebbles preventing injury from sharp and jagged broken panes of glass.

Why toughened glass breaks?

If a tempered glass is struck with something sharp it can cause a notch or chip in the glass. Over time this can spread and it causes the glass to weaken and the whole pane can suddenly shatter unexpectedly. It is used for glass that covers emergency equipment as it leaves no sharp edges when broken.

What are the benefits of toughened glass?

  • It is much stronger than regular glass making it more durable and suitable for most uses
  • It is safer compared with regular glass because when broken it breaks into thousands of pebble-like cubes which drop to the floor, rather than large shards or jagged pieces of glass

What are the disadvantages of toughened glass?

  • It is more difficult to break in emergency situations
  • Complicated designs can be limited due to its manufacturing process
  • Its minimum thickness is 4mm making it unsuitable for some uses

Will toughened glass shatter?

Yes, toughened glass will shatter as a whole pane into thousands of pieces rather than crack or break in certain areas leaving dangerous sharp edges.

Can toughened glass be cut?

Tempered glass cannot be cut when it has been manufactured as it will shatter, however, it can be cut to specifications prior to the tempering process.

Does toughened glass have to have a kitemark?

The Kitemark is a service quality certification mark in the UK which is owned and operated by The British Standards Institution (BSI Group). A Kitemark is used to identify products such as glass when safety is paramount.

Is toughened glass fire rated?

Tempered glass is not fire rated and should not be used where fire resistance is also needed.

Fire Rated Glass is also known as Fire Resistant Glass and it is a specialist glass that provides protection against a fire for a certain amount of time. There is some fire-rated glass that will also provide insulation against the heat from a fire.

Is toughened glass heat resistant?

Some tempered glass can withstand temperatures of up to 243 degrees C but this will vary by manufacturer. Toughened glass is not the same as heat resistant or heat rated glass as they are manufactured and processed in a different way.

Does toughened glass shatter?

Yes, toughened glass shatters as a whole pane from wherever the break or chip occurs.

Is toughened glass breakable?

It is difficult to break toughened glass as it is 4-5 time stronger than regular glass, however, it is breakable with a certain amount of force or a chip or notch in the pane of glass can spread over time and cause it to shatter.

Can toughened glass be recycled?

Tempered glass can’t be recycled due to the chemicals used in its manufacture. The chemicals mean the glass cannot be melted in the normal recycling process.

If you are looking for Toughened Glass, Tempered Glass, Toughened Laminated Glass or any other type of glass then Toughglaze can help. We work on small and largescale development and refurbishment projects and will work alongside you to ensure the glass we produce offers a safe and design focused result. We use our state of the art production equipment, processes and facilities to produce the highest quality glass which complies to BS EN standards as listed on our Kite Mark Licence.

We have been awarded accreditations for ISO 9001: 2015 with our glazing products and processes.

Contact us today on 0208 838 4400 and one of our glass experts will be happy to help.

Smartglass Questions & Answers

Smartglass Questions & Answers from Toughglaze UK

If you are thinking about Smart Glass, Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass for your home or business then this article will help with all your Smartglass Questions & Answers.

Smartglass Questions & Answers

What is Smartglass?

Smartglass is also known as Switchable Glass and Privacy Glass and is a glass whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied.

It works in the same way as a clear glass panel, allowing light to pass through it as a normal glass window as well as changing to private glass which you are unable to see through.

A click of a switch turns an electrical supply off and the liquid crystal molecules within the glass are randomly oriented, scattering light, turning it into privacy glass, making your room or area private.

When the electricity supply is turned on the liquid crystal molecules within the glass re-align, allowing light to pass through and the glass panel instantly clears, turning it back into a clear glass pane.

Is Smartglass expensive?

Smart, Switchable Glass is used much more now so subsequently has reduced in price in recent years. It is the same as any type of glass in that it depends on the size of the glass pane or panes you are installing.

What can Smart, Switchable Glass be used for?

There are many ways in which Smart, Switchable Glass can be used across all sectors and here are some examples below:

Residential – Smart, Switchable Glass is a perfect substitute for additional blinds or curtains as it is so easy to switch from private to clear. It can be used for Skylights,  Screens, Sliding Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Bathrooms, Shower Doors, Walk-on Panels, Sliding roofs and Doors. It really is that versatile.

Commercial – Smart, Switchable Glass can be used for office and meeting room partitions and doors, and these can include bi-fold and sliding doors. It is a great security glazing option for shop fronts and showrooms and you don’t need the added expense of blackout blinds or screens when you aren’t open. It is a great minimal glass to really showcase a room or an area’s contemporary design and is commonly used for balustrades, façades, canopies, changing rooms, swimming pools, saunas, wetrooms.

Healthcare – Hospitals, Clinics and other environments which require Antimicrobial elements, such as ICUs, X-Ray Screens, Surgeries, Clinics, Portable Privacy Partitions and Barriers, as well as Asylum for the mentally impaired are encouraged to use Smart Glass. It is also commonly used in Marine applications.

Hospitality – Switchable Glass can be used for bathroom screens and partitions, business centres, speech and meeting podiums, leisure centres, football clubs, aquariums, restaurant and bar screens and partitions, toilets, the options really are endless.

Security – Smart Glass is used for teller and counter screens, prisons and rehabilitation centres, anti-theft and anti-bandit barriers, airport screening, bulletproof screens and partitions, jewellery shops or quarters, antiquity point shops and vehicles.

Projection and Touch Screens – Switchable Glass is now used for internal and external HD quality projection, touch interactive screens and finger touch screens.

What are Smartglass windows?

Smart Glass windows are windows that can be switched from clear glazing to privacy glazing which you are unable to see through. They can be used in so many applications and are great if you want to keep an open feel to a room with a minimalist look and feel with no window coverings. It is also a great alternative for shopfronts as a front glazing option as you don’t need blinds or shutters as an additional cost or requirement.

Where to buy Smartglass?

Always buy your smart glass from a reputable manufacturer. Have a look at their website and give them a call to get a feel for how they work, what their design process is and how quickly they are able to supply you with your glass. Always check with them if they offer an installation service too. When looking at their website check the types of glass they manufacturer and supply, their range and good professional companies will always have a page showing you photos of projects they have worked on, their ranges and suggestions of how their glass can be used.

Toughglaze UK

Toughglaze was established in 1993 and we have over 25 years experience of manufacturing and supplying glass throughout the UK, Europe and recently the Middle East for small, medium and large size projects. We have grown over the years to become a leader in innovation for advanced glass products and have an established and developed factory which allows our customers the total confidence of all our glass manufacturing processes being done under one roof.

In our years of operation, we have heavily invested in our state-of-the-art production equipment, facilities and processes and continually focus on improving the efficiency of our production and supply methods.

Our primary business focus is providing exceptional customer service and 100% glass quality every time.

We work with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction with our supply and products always meeting the required specifications and quality standards. We have ISO 9001.2015 accreditation and maintain all BS EN requirements with Kite Mark approval for all our products.

What are the benefits of Toughglaze Smart Switchable Privacy Glass?

  • Instant privacy at the flick of a switch
  • Highest transparency available in the market
  • Lowest angle haze available
  • Blocks 99.9% of the harmful UV rays
  • 5 years manufacturing warranty (extendable)
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Maximum use of space
  • Wide variety of shapes
  • Capability to be incorporated with other products to serve all required performance levels
  • Acoustic and Sound barrier (≥39dB)
  • Largest sizes available: 1840mm x 4200mm
  • Can be produced as double or triple glazed units to achieve improved heat and solar protections levels, U value as low as 0.2
  • Mobile application (Android and IS)
  • Web based application (can be operated from around the world with a unique access password)
  • Dimming possibility from the transparent state to the opaque state (compared to only On/Off switch)
  • Online and immediate fault report through an inbuilt sim card
  • Current and voltage control to protect the panel against electrical fluctuations
  • BSI (British Standard Institute) Tested and Certified
  • Unparalleled after sales service

If you are looking for Smart Glass, Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass then contact us on 0208 838 4400 and one of our glass experts will be able to help.

Heated Glass Suppliers UK

ToughGlaze one of the best Heated Glass Suppliers UK

Heated glass helps keep your business or home warm whilst protecting against cool air and damp from entering. Your improved surroundings are more thermally efficient because of this and produce a reduced-value rating. If you are looking for Heated Glass Suppliers UK give us a call on 0208 838 4400 one of our experts will be able to help.

Your glass will repay you with a much better level of comfort. You’ll find a decrease in your heating bills and also your carbon footprint will reduce. Environmentally and financially, our heated glass is just common sense. Beautiful and practical – heated glass is the ideal alternative to radiators.

Heated Glass Suppliers UK

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Glass Partitions

Are you looking for Glass Partitions?

Whether it’s glass partitions, a glass partition wall, a glass modular office within an office, a bathroom glass partition or a contemporary divider in your office or living space then Toughglaze can help.

Glass Partitions

What is a glass partition?

Glass partitions and glass partition walls are high-quality, non-load-bearing panes of glass that function as room dividers. Glass partition walls are great for creating a room within a room. They separate areas within a room without reducing the light, creating open plan and airy work environments or living spaces.

What are Glass Partitions made from?

Glass Partition wall systems are typically full glass, ceiling to wall or ceiling to floor partitions. The frames are made from aluminium or other mounting material to hold the glass partitions in place. Glass partitions can also be frameless.

What are Glass Partitions used for?

Designers and architects use glass partitions to allow them to separate a room, without reducing floor space and light diffusion.

When the natural light flows into space, it changes how shapes, colours, patterns, textures and people interact, making it feel open and inviting with no closed off areas. It gives the feeling of transparency in the workplace, promoting an organisation’s corporate culture by improving the visual contact between employees. Glass partitions can facilitate new and flexible ways of working by sectioning an area off for meetings but still retaining a modern and contemporary feel.

Transparency from glass partitions creates optimum daylight conditions in the workplace and research has shown this has a positive impact on our overall sense of well-being and our productivity. It is a great and simple way to update an office, commercial space or family home, reducing noise and maintaining light.

About Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions have become more and more popular in the last 10 years as people are seeking open and light sectioned areas that minimise the feel of a massive open space. They have gained popularity over traditional drywall installations which cut out light and reduce the feeling of openness and space.

Expert glazing suppliers will manufacture your glass partitions to your exact design, measurements and requirements and can manufacture the glass with various degrees of transparency and colours. You can opt for sandblasted glass panels, integrated blinds or switchable privacy glass which offers privacy when you need it. Logos, images and company graphics can also be applied to glass partition walls with the help of film or screen printing.

They can be made as part glazed partitions to full height in single and double glazed glass walls.

Glass Partitions allow the integration of light, air, climate control, visuals, sound, ventilation, surround sound systems and in-wall multimedia screens and will create stylish, modern and functional office and home interiors and exteriors.

What can Glass Partitions be used for?

Glass Partitions can be used in living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, gardens, offices, reception areas, boardrooms, conference suites and commercial spaces and the options and design ideas are endless.

Glass partition systems are amazing for providing peace and privacy to an interior without sacrificing the feel of openness.

They allow lots of natural light into a space, making it feel open, with a perception of ‘open plan’ design without sacrificing privacy or individual office space. Frameless single-glass partitioning is designed with minimum components, making installation easy and quick. Single and double glazed partitions are a fantastic way to transform your space. You can divide your available space to create a whole new room, or simply use them to give your interior a more contemporary look. Glass partition walls are tailor-made to fit your space, no matter how unusual or intricate and are widely used for offices and workplaces.

Glass partitions can be used in reception areas to reduce drafts that impact team members whilst they are working and they can be used in areas that need to retain high visibility and security.

What are Glass Partitions made from?

Glass Partitions can be made from most types of glass including; Toughened Glass, Switchable Smart Glass, Sandblasted Glass, Privacy Glass, Fire Resistant Glass, Digitally Printed Glass, Fabric Interlayer Glass, Mesh Interlayer Glass, Coloured Interlayer Glass, Screen Printed Glass and Upcycled Glass, the options are endless.

Glass Partitions can be frameless as well as aluminium or timber-framed and it really depends on the look you are wanting to achieve, contemporary or traditional.

Toughglaze Glass Partitions

ToughGlaze continues to manufacture and supply quality glass to this innovative design market and we have invested in state of the art machinery to supply exceptionally designed and safe partitions which gives us the edge in the glass manufacturing industry. We manufacture profiled edgework glass to our customer’s own product specification and we produce in volume for large construction projects. These edge profiles can also be produced on the thicker stock cut size laminate. Our vast array of other products give our customers an endless choice when it comes to developing unique designs and systems.

Toughglaze Glass Partitions Technical Specifications:

  • Full CNC profiling, drilling and polishing service of maximum size 1800 x 3000mm
  • Laminating in-house provides ToughGlaze with the facility to construct Toughened or Heat Strengthened Laminates to customer specifications
  • Automated Screen-printing and Sandblasting in reference to design and artwork service available. Maximum size 1700 x 2900mm
  • Ceramic white acid tones can be applied partially or to the entire surface with different densities of 10, 20 or 100% as standard
  • Standard RAL colours can be created and applied with solid coverage or as per designed
  • Sandblasting is used to create acid tones to the entire surface or as per design
  • Textures and none slip surfaces can also be created by this process, sealed with Ritec Clearshield. Maximum size 2500 x 4100mm
  • 6.4mm annealed laminate, 8.8mm,10.8, 12.8mm and 16.8mm annealed and acoustic laminate
  • 10, 12, 15mm Toughened glass and we recommend all toughened and toughened laminate to be heat soak tested
  • Our range of printing options to choose from includes fabric, mesh, coloured interlayer’s and our new border printer for doors

About Toughglaze UK

ToughGlaze was established in 1993 and has become a leader in innovation for advanced glass products. We have a developed and safe established factory which allows our customers the benefit of total confidence with all processes being done under one roof. We continuously strive to provide a professional and reliable service and we have a team of glass experts that are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the best glass in the world.

We have heavily invested in our state-of-the-art production equipment and facilities and constantly improve the efficiency of our glass production methods.

Our extensive knowledge in the glass processing industry sets us apart from our competitors and we remain at the forefront of technical glass developments in the industry.

Our focus is always on customer service and supplying 100% quality. We have achieved the transition to ISO 9001.2015 accreditation and maintain all BS EN requirements with Kite Mark approval for all our products. Working together we strive to ensure customer satisfaction with the reliability of supply and product reassurance meeting the required specification and quality standards.

If you are looking for Glass Partitions for any size project then give us a call on 0208 838 4400 and one of our glass experts can help.

Based on the specific requirements of your project, the technical specification of our glass will be provided on a project by project basis and we will work alongside you to deliver to your exact requirements.

Smart Glass and Windows: The Global Market to 2030

Smart Glass and Windows: The Global Market to 2030

Since the 1800’s we have all seen the changes and progression in the architecture and design of buildings and structures around the world and Smart Glass is now a feature in alot of Commercial Buildings.

Advances in material production, science and technology have enabled these changes and the transformation in the last 20 years has been dramatic. The progresssion in energy efficiency focus and materials has been huge and this has been due to improved and advanced glass manufacturing and building materials for improved comfort, privacy and sustainability.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass. Switchable Glass, Dynamic Glass and Smart windows are now used for heat management, energy efficiency, and privacy applications by modulating light transmittance when voltage, light, or heat is applied.

The technology allows state of the glass to switch from transparent to translucent, and vice versa and this can occur passively or actively depending on the device technology.

There are three main types of technologies used in commercially available smart glasses:

  • – chromic materials
    – liquid crystals
    – electrophoretic or suspended particle devices.

The smart glass and glass industry is growing fast and has been used in many high profile buildings, commercial aircraft and automobiles in the last decade. Glass has been used for state of the art buildings for Commercial Businesses such as; Google, Disney, Merck, eBay, Microsoft, Progressive, IBM and Fox News.

Glass advancements have been driven by the demands for design, privacy, adaptability, improved safety, energy savings and living comfort. Despite a rise in the use of glass in structures and interiors, cost and scalibility still remain a challenge for the smart glass industry.

Many commercial buildings now use smart glass as an integral part of their material and structure and more and more people are now using glass in their residential projects, inside and out.

The Global Market for Smart Glass and Windows to 2030 provides comprehensive analysis of the latest innovations and products in Smart Glass and Windows, developed by large companies and start-ups.

The main glass markets include:

  • – Construction glass
    – Residential and retail
    – Aerospace/aircraft windows
    – Automotive (mirrors, sunroods, glazing)

Others include:

  • – Sunglasses and visors
    – Displays

If you are looking for any type of glass which will be manufactured to your specific design specifications then Toughglaze can help. Our state of the art factory and facilities produces glass to your exact requirements and to BS EN requirements with Kite Mark approval.

Our professional and reliable service and our focus on continuous improvement in our processes and technology ensure our customers are 100% satisfied and confident in our team of glass experts that are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the best glass in the world.

If you are looking for any type of glass including Smart Switchable Glass for any size project then give us a call on 0208 838 4400 and one of our glass experts can help.

The technical specification of our glass will be provided on a project by project basis and we will work alongside you to deliver to your exact requirements.

Toughglaze Opens a New Office in Dubai

Exciting News – Toughglaze Opens a New Office and Services in Dubai

Exciting News – Toughglaze is delighted to announce they have now opened a new office in Dubai UAE. Due to their continued success and growth in the UK and Europe, they are now expanding their professional services and quality products to service the Middle East region.

Toughglaze Office in Dubai

Their new office is located in the stunning city of Dubai in the International Business Tower and they are looking forward to providing their bespoke services and glass products and expanding their customer base to continue their growth in the  Middle East.

Their existing worldwide supply of exceptional glass products has given them the strong platform and base to enable them to expand their customer portfolio even further, providing the best, most efficient and quality glass products and services in Dubai and the Middle East.

The History of Toughglaze

Over the last 25 years, ToughGlaze (UK) Ltd has grown to become a leader in the innovation of advanced glass products. Their advanced UK factory allows customers the benefit of total confidence as all their glass processes including their project management is under one roof.

Toughglaze Office in Dubai Vision

They now have a clear vision to become the only supplier of Toughened and Laminated Glass that both commercial and individual customers will want to do business with across the world.

Toughglaze Office in Dubai Services

They provide a professional and reliable service every time and during the 25 years of operation, they have heavily invested in state-of-the-art production equipment and facilities, continually improving the efficiency of their production methods.

They focus on delivering exceptional customer service and 100% quality and have achieved the transition to ISO 9001.2015 accreditation, maintaining all BS EN requirements with Kite Mark approval for all their products.

Working with you to Deliver New and Exciting Architectural Excellence Using Glass from their Office in Dubai

They always work alongside their customers and strive to ensure 100% satisfaction with the reliability of supply and product reassurance meeting the required specification and quality standards for large or small projects.

The type of glass they manufacture and supply is endless and Toughglaze’s office in Dubai includes the project management and supply of :

Switchable Glass

Fire Resistant Glass

Acoustic Glass

Structural Glass

Walk on Glass

World of Light Glass

Coloured Glass

Tinted Glass

Partition Glass

Upcycled Glass

Digitally Printed Glass

Fabric Interlayered Glass

Mesh Interlayered Glass

Coloured Interlayered Glass

Screen Printed Glass

Glass Splashbacks

Sand Blasted Glass

Structural Glass Fittings

Glass Doors

Glass Balustrades

Wall Cladding

Roof Lights



You can contact Toughglaze at their Office in Duba for any of the following products, if you have a bespoke request then please contact them on +971 4 5665721 or +971 50 6953050 and one of their glass experts will be happy to help.

Toughglaze (Dubai)

Progressive L.L.C

Office 507

International Business Tower

Business Bay



T: +971 4 5665721

M: +971 50 6953050

Water Resistant Glass

Water Resistant Glass discussed by Toughglaze UK

Not many people know what Water Resistant Glass is and how it can be used, so this article from Toughglaze will tell you everything you need to know.

What is Water Resistant Glass?

A water-repellent or water-resistant glass is a laminated glass with a waterproof interlayer. There aren’t many glass manufacturers out there that offer water resistant glass that has this interlayer and most glass labelled as water resistant will just have a superhydrophobic coating film on the glass. This type of glass is used for front, rear, and side windows of a vehicle to improve visibility in wet and rainy weather.

Laminated glass is very receptive to moisture, therefore de-lamination is inevitable over time when using conventional materials. With changes in the safety regulations laminated glass is now used for many applications in construction and design, especially internal and external glazed balustrades. As a result of this, it has led to more reports of de-lamination which in some cases has then become a major safety issue as it reduces the strength and durability of the glass. Delamination can also be caused by bad glazing practice. These safety issues have led customers to demand warranties for glass resistant products, however, there are still a lot of glass manufacturers and suppliers that cannot provide a warranty for their products as they don’t meet safety regulations.

What can Water Resistant Glass be used for?

Water resistant glass is used by architects and designers when you need to protect an area from outside moisture getting in or to prevent water from gathering on a walk through where people may slip and injure themselves.

Glass balustrades are an extremely popular use of structural glazing in modern architectural design. Frameless glass balustrades can be used both internally or externally to provide a level change barrier for staircases, balconies, roof terraces or access ramps in a minimal and fully glazed installation.

Shower doors can be made using water-resistant glass to prevent water from escaping from the shower onto your bathroom floor and causing someone to slip and hurt themselves.

Why would you use Water Resistant Glass and where could you use it?

Water resistant glass can be used for structural glazing schemes where there are exposed edges, and in numerous applications including; balustrades, structural facades and structural glass solutions.

Water resistant glass would be used in attractions such as aquariums which include walk-through tunnels, where you can view fish swimming overhead.

What are the benefits of Water Resistant Glass?

Water resistant glass protects moisture and rain from the outside environment getting inside, ensuring your laminated glass remains safe and adheres to glass safety regulations.

How is Toughglaze Water Resistant Glass made?

TGWR is a new product developed by ToughGlaze. It is the first laminated glass offered to the market with a guaranteed 5-year warranty. TGWR contains a new waterproof interlayer which is fully tested in accordance EN or BS 14449 regulation and it is manufactured to specification. Toughglaze has invested in new machinery and staff to produce this innovative product. To obtain the approval needed to offer a warranty back product, ToughGlaze has upgraded their standard production and has raised the standard of quality, project management and delivery methods to customers.

ToughGlaze maintains production records for each panel they manufacture and these are available to customers on their request.

About Toughglaze UK Ltd

Toughglaze was established in 1993 and has grown over the 25 years to become a leader in the innovation of advanced glass products. We have developed an outstanding factory which allows our customers to enjoy the benefit of complete confidence as all our processes are under one roof.

We have a clear vision to become the only supplier of Toughened and Laminated Glass to customers in the UK and worldwide

Our team provide a professional, reliable and bespoke service every time.
We have heavily invested in our state-of-the-art production equipment and facilities and constantly improve the efficiency of our production methods to ensure safety and 100% quality and customer satisfaction. Toughglaze has achieved the transition to ISO 9001.2015 accreditation and maintain all BS EN requirements with Kite Mark approval for all of our products.

Working together we strive to ensure customer satisfaction with reliability in supply and product reassurance, meeting the required specification and quality standards.

We work in the leisure, public transport, retail, commercial and residential sectors working alongside designers, architects and construction companies to deliver state of the art and outstanding design innovations.

Over our 25 years of operation, it has been key to our success and growth to retain our understanding of the machinery, process and safety standards or glass manufacturing and this means our innovation, glass products and services are unrivalled. We are visionary when it comes to new products and trends in the marketplace, and this has resulted in us concentrating on the specialist processes and cutting edge of the fast-moving architectural market and the creation of our Bespoke Architectural Glass.

If you are looking for the best and bespoke Water Resistant Glass or any other type of glass then give us a call on +44 (0) 208 838 4400 and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

Water Resistant Glass

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic Glass Noise Reduction Glass discussed by Toughglaze UK

This article should tell you everything you need to know about Acoustic Glass otherwise known as Noice Reduction Glass.

Acoustic Glass

What is Acoustic Glass?

You could be living in the city next to a busy road, pub, shops or school and the noise from outside can impact your home life or be a distraction in your business. You could also be living in the countryside and the natural or farm machinery noises from outside could be making their way into your home. You may have an office that needs complete quiet or a recording room that needs zero outside noise. Noise pollution, whether it comes from cars, people, machinery or anything else is difficult to avoid and can have a really detrimental impact on your home or business. If so Acoustic glass can really make a difference.

Acoustic glass consists of two or more sheets of glass which are secured together with one or more acoustic interlayers inside. The interlayers weaken the sound as it travels through the glass by acting as a noise dampening core, making your home or business quieter.

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Walk on Glass

Everything you will ever need to know about Walk on Glass

Did you know there was such a thing as walk on glass? Well, there is and this article will tell you everything you need to know so when you next come across it you will actually have the confidence to take the plunge and walk over it.

There is something really mysterious about walking over a glass bridge or glass floor and people often have to force themselves to do it as your brain quite rightly is telling you not to do it and that it isn’t safe.

Walk on Glass

What is Walk on Glass?

Walk on glass is a specialist glass that is specifically manufactured to be strong enough for people to walk over it.

Walk on glass is often specified in architectural designs when natural light is needed to penetrate up and down between floors. It can be used for walkways, stairs, cellars, patios, decking, water attractions and many more. It creates a dramatic visual effect in any structure and is always a talking point for people who have or are thinking about visiting.

Is Walk on Glass Safe?

A lot of us would say that glass floors are not as strong as floors supported by joists, however, we would be wrong in saying this. Let’s face it we don’t ever think about walking on an upper floor if it is wood-based and worrying we might fall through if it doesn’t support us as we have all grown up with this as standard.

Glass floor panels are built by laminating two to three pieces of tempered glass together and they are then placed into a specifically manufactured supporting structure around the joins. Most experts would say that glass flooring can have 2 times the strength and support of a wooden floor.

Can Walk on Glass be used Outside?

Walk on glass can definitely be used inside and out. A lot of people now use walk on glass as decorative decking material which is as fully functional as wooden decking just a lot more attractive.

Wood or metal deck removes light to lower level spaces, however, walk on glass floor panels incorporated into a deck results in the light still passing through to the lower levels. You can incorporate LED lighting around the panels and have different coloured glass which will really showcase your outside space off at night.

Is Glass Flooring Slippery?

Walk on Glass is made with either a sandblasted or patterned ceramic top surface which provides a non-slip surface, even when the glass is wet. Glass floors without this will always be unsafe to walk on as you can easily slip just like if you have a wet tiled floor in your bathroom or kitchen.

Is Glass Flooring always Clear?

Walk on Glass can either be frosted or have an acid etched finish to allow light movement between floors while maintaining the privacy of the people walking on them from eyes below.

Coloured Glass Flooring

Yes, its really simple, walk on glass floors can be different colours and with natural light and electrical lighting, you can really make it a contemporary and bright showpiece in your home, office or building.

Glass Flooring Sizes

Glass floor panels can be made to span larges areas of flooring as they can be engineered and manufactured with different supporting structures. Using multiple layers of laminated glass and different thicknesses, longer continuous spans are always possible.

Walk on Glass from ToughGlaze

We have the widest range of anti-slip patterned walk on glass finishes available in the UK market. To accommodate for the demand for innovative solutions to walk on roof lights, glass treads and glass floors, we now have 5 different pattern finishes as a standard to offer our customers.

Glass floors are a much-specialised market and ToughGlaze follow strict design and safety specifications in all walk on glass production and take the loading requirements and support structures into account when producing it.

ToughGlaze can supply Toughened or Laminated Glass to meet almost any specification. If you are looking for Walk on Glass in London then give us a call on 0208 838 4400 and one of our expert team will be able to help you.

Glass Structures and Buildings

Glass Mill Leisure Centre

Glass Structures and Buildings discussed by Toughglaze UK

The use of glass is now dominating the architectural world and designers as well as architects are using toughened glass in wonderous and creative ways to make their buildings stand out from the rest, inside and out.

Here are what we think are the 5 must-see glass buildings in the world and believe us, you will be amazed at how glass has been used for creating stunning and architectural firsts. Continue reading “Glass Structures and Buildings”