Acoustic Glass

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This article should tell you everything you need to know about Acoustic Glass otherwise known as Noice Reduction Glass.

Acoustic Glass

What is Acoustic Glass?

You could be living in the city next to a busy road, pub, shops or school and the noise from outside can impact your home life or be a distraction in your business. You could also be living in the countryside and the natural or farm machinery noises from outside could be making their way into your home. You may have an office that needs complete quiet or a recording room that needs zero outside noise. Noise pollution, whether it comes from cars, people, machinery or anything else is difficult to avoid and can have a really detrimental impact on your home or business. If so Acoustic glass can really make a difference.

Acoustic glass consists of two or more sheets of glass which are secured together with one or more acoustic interlayers inside. The interlayers weaken the sound as it travels through the glass by acting as a noise dampening core, making your home or business quieter.

How does Acoustic Glass work?

The membrane interlayer inside reduces noise by absorbing the sound energy and it prevents the sound vibrations from travelling through the glass. PVB is an acoustic membrane which bonds two panes of glass together and it gives the appearance of a single pane of glass.

There are three main areas that need to be addressed in order to provide the best noise reduction values in a glass pane; glass thickness, interlayers and the spacing between the glass.

It is always recommended that you go to a reputable and leading glass manufacturer if you are looking for acoustic, noise reducing glass to ensure they have the experience and technical knowledge to produce the glass that meets your specific requirements.

What is the Interlayer made of in Acoustic Glass?

A thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is laminated between the sheets of glass and this interlayer then reduces noise by absorbing the sound energy, preventing the sound vibrations from travelling through the glass it is bonded between. PVB interlayer does this without compromising the light transmitting through the glass, compared to other acoustic resins. PVB is the resin used most for applications that need strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to different surfaces, toughness and flexibility.

Does Acoustic Glass look any different to normal glass?

No, it doesn’t look any different from normal glass it is just produced in a different way with the interlayer bonded inside to prevent noise from travelling through it.

Can Acoustic Glass be fitted into existing window frames?

When you go to view a property you may not always hear the outside noises and you will only hear them when you first move in. Your brain can sometimes blank these noises out as you get used to them, however, a lot of people find that the annoyance of outside noise gets worse over time. The biggest way to reduce noise pollution is through your windows and doors. Acoustic glass can sometimes be fitted into the existing window and door frames, or as part of a whole new window or door.

Is Acoustic Glass secure?

The PVB interlayer makes acoustic glass more secure compared to standard single or double glazing. The PVB interlayer makes it almost impossible to shatter on impact which often prevents people from breaking into your property.

Is Acoustic Glass Safe?

Acoustic glass is much safer than normal glass as it is so difficult to break or shatter making it safer than other glass windows or partitions.

Toughglaze Acoustic Glass

Sound control using glass is very specialised and will only work in conjunction with the right framing system. We can manufacture double or triple glazed units to your requirements and our special Acoustic PVB laminates offer high levels of sound reduction. It can be supplied from stock or we can make it to your specification using our in-house laminating facility.

Our special size Annealed or Toughened glass can range between 4mm to 19mm and can be laminated together with a maximum Size 2500mm x 3000mm.

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We have been awarded accreditation’s for ISO 9001: 2015 with products complying with BS EN standards as listed on our Kite Mark Licence.

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Based on the specific requirements of your project, the technical specification of our glass will be provided on a project by project basis.