Glass Partitions

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Whether it’s glass partitions, a glass partition wall, a glass modular office within an office, a bathroom glass partition or a contemporary divider in your office or living space then Toughglaze can help.

Glass Partitions

What is a glass partition?

Glass partitions and glass partition walls are high-quality, non-load-bearing panes of glass that function as room dividers. Glass partition walls are great for creating a room within a room. They separate areas within a room without reducing the light, creating open plan and airy work environments or living spaces.

What are Glass Partitions made from?

Glass Partition wall systems are typically full glass, ceiling to wall or ceiling to floor partitions. The frames are made from aluminium or other mounting material to hold the glass partitions in place. Glass partitions can also be frameless.

What are Glass Partitions used for?

Designers and architects use glass partitions to allow them to separate a room, without reducing floor space and light diffusion.

When the natural light flows into space, it changes how shapes, colours, patterns, textures and people interact, making it feel open and inviting with no closed off areas. It gives the feeling of transparency in the workplace, promoting an organisation’s corporate culture by improving the visual contact between employees. Glass partitions can facilitate new and flexible ways of working by sectioning an area off for meetings but still retaining a modern and contemporary feel.

Transparency from glass partitions creates optimum daylight conditions in the workplace and research has shown this has a positive impact on our overall sense of well-being and our productivity. It is a great and simple way to update an office, commercial space or family home, reducing noise and maintaining light.

About Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions have become more and more popular in the last 10 years as people are seeking open and light sectioned areas that minimise the feel of a massive open space. They have gained popularity over traditional drywall installations which cut out light and reduce the feeling of openness and space.

Expert glazing suppliers will manufacture your glass partitions to your exact design, measurements and requirements and can manufacture the glass with various degrees of transparency and colours. You can opt for sandblasted glass panels, integrated blinds or switchable privacy glass which offers privacy when you need it. Logos, images and company graphics can also be applied to glass partition walls with the help of film or screen printing.

They can be made as part glazed partitions to full height in single and double glazed glass walls.

Glass Partitions allow the integration of light, air, climate control, visuals, sound, ventilation, surround sound systems and in-wall multimedia screens and will create stylish, modern and functional office and home interiors and exteriors.

What can Glass Partitions be used for?

Glass Partitions can be used in living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, gardens, offices, reception areas, boardrooms, conference suites and commercial spaces and the options and design ideas are endless.

Glass partition systems are amazing for providing peace and privacy to an interior without sacrificing the feel of openness.

They allow lots of natural light into a space, making it feel open, with a perception of ‘open plan’ design without sacrificing privacy or individual office space. Frameless single-glass partitioning is designed with minimum components, making installation easy and quick. Single and double glazed partitions are a fantastic way to transform your space. You can divide your available space to create a whole new room, or simply use them to give your interior a more contemporary look. Glass partition walls are tailor-made to fit your space, no matter how unusual or intricate and are widely used for offices and workplaces.

Glass partitions can be used in reception areas to reduce drafts that impact team members whilst they are working and they can be used in areas that need to retain high visibility and security.

What are Glass Partitions made from?

Glass Partitions can be made from most types of glass including; Toughened Glass, Switchable Smart Glass, Sandblasted Glass, Privacy Glass, Fire Resistant Glass, Digitally Printed Glass, Fabric Interlayer Glass, Mesh Interlayer Glass, Coloured Interlayer Glass, Screen Printed Glass and Upcycled Glass, the options are endless.

Glass Partitions can be frameless as well as aluminium or timber-framed and it really depends on the look you are wanting to achieve, contemporary or traditional.

Toughglaze Glass Partitions

ToughGlaze continues to manufacture and supply quality glass to this innovative design market and we have invested in state of the art machinery to supply exceptionally designed and safe partitions which gives us the edge in the glass manufacturing industry. We manufacture profiled edgework glass to our customer’s own product specification and we produce in volume for large construction projects. These edge profiles can also be produced on the thicker stock cut size laminate. Our vast array of other products give our customers an endless choice when it comes to developing unique designs and systems.

Toughglaze Glass Partitions Technical Specifications:

  • Full CNC profiling, drilling and polishing service of maximum size 1800 x 3000mm
  • Laminating in-house provides ToughGlaze with the facility to construct Toughened or Heat Strengthened Laminates to customer specifications
  • Automated Screen-printing and Sandblasting in reference to design and artwork service available. Maximum size 1700 x 2900mm
  • Ceramic white acid tones can be applied partially or to the entire surface with different densities of 10, 20 or 100% as standard
  • Standard RAL colours can be created and applied with solid coverage or as per designed
  • Sandblasting is used to create acid tones to the entire surface or as per design
  • Textures and none slip surfaces can also be created by this process, sealed with Ritec Clearshield. Maximum size 2500 x 4100mm
  • 6.4mm annealed laminate, 8.8mm,10.8, 12.8mm and 16.8mm annealed and acoustic laminate
  • 10, 12, 15mm Toughened glass and we recommend all toughened and toughened laminate to be heat soak tested
  • Our range of printing options to choose from includes fabric, mesh, coloured interlayer’s and our new border printer for doors

About Toughglaze UK

ToughGlaze was established in 1993 and has become a leader in innovation for advanced glass products. We have a developed and safe established factory which allows our customers the benefit of total confidence with all processes being done under one roof. We continuously strive to provide a professional and reliable service and we have a team of glass experts that are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the best glass in the world.

We have heavily invested in our state-of-the-art production equipment and facilities and constantly improve the efficiency of our glass production methods.

Our extensive knowledge in the glass processing industry sets us apart from our competitors and we remain at the forefront of technical glass developments in the industry.

Our focus is always on customer service and supplying 100% quality. We have achieved the transition to ISO 9001.2015 accreditation and maintain all BS EN requirements with Kite Mark approval for all our products. Working together we strive to ensure customer satisfaction with the reliability of supply and product reassurance meeting the required specification and quality standards.

If you are looking for Glass Partitions for any size project then give us a call on 0208 838 4400 and one of our glass experts can help.

Based on the specific requirements of your project, the technical specification of our glass will be provided on a project by project basis and we will work alongside you to deliver to your exact requirements.