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Heated glass helps keep your business or home warm whilst protecting against cool air and damp from entering. Your improved surroundings are more thermally efficient because of this and produce a reduced-value rating. If you are looking for Heated Glass Suppliers UK give us a call on 0208 838 4400 one of our experts will be able to help.

Your glass will repay you with a much better level of comfort. You’ll find a decrease in your heating bills and also your carbon footprint will reduce. Environmentally and financially, our heated glass is just common sense. Beautiful and practical – heated glass is the ideal alternative to radiators.

Heated Glass Suppliers UK

Your Home, Your Choice

Complete the appearance of your brand-new indoor swimming pool, large Experience a transformed space which is lighter, warmer and minimalist.

ToughGlaze design and style, test and construct the products they install. Because of this, they have got an in-depth knowledge of the glass which they install for their clients and will discover the perfect solution for them.

So How Exactly Does Heated Glass Work?

An opaque covering is added onto the glazed area. An electrical current then goes through the bottom and top of the product by way of a dedicated mechanism that’s invisible, meaning it will not interfere with the look of your newly installed glass.

As the electric current makes contact with the see-through covering, it creates heat. The electricity input can be altered to attain your required effect – to heat up the glass, for instance, or prevent undesirable moisture build-up or condensation or ice from developing.

Heated Glass Suppliers UK – For Homes and Business in the UK

A Concealed Heat Source

Heated windows or heated glass screens will control the climate within your property or home whilst remaining unseen to the naked eye. Your living area is going to be warm and comfortable and will also present a far more streamlined appearance, as the heating source will not protrude into your living area.

Improved Utilisation of Space

As your glass is going to be producing the heat you would like, you will not have to install radiators or any other heat-generating equipment. Alternatively, you can take full advantage of the area available for you – by placing pieces of furniture all around your room’s edges.

A Cost-Effective Decision

Our heated glass is loved by ToughGlaze clients in London and the rest of the United Kingdom. It’s capability to protect against moisture build-up or condensation from developing means it provides a practical benefit – as the installation prevents problems frequently due to dampness or cold air from taking place.

A Customised Product

The ToughGlaze team will talk you through the heated glass solutions. From selecting a glass of the correct thickness, right through to recommending the best place to install it, they will be available to support you. Get in contact by telephoning 0208 838 4400 or going to the ToughGlaze website

Heated Glass – Your Options

No Matter What your requirements, ToughGlaze will find a tailor-made glass solution to suit the requirements of your project. They have worked on commercial and residential projects in London, and throughout the UK, and their expertise and experience mean they are perfectly placed to help you.

The heated glass may be used to warm an indoor swimming area; it’s also used in extensively glazed rooms and it is commonly found in heritage and grade two listed properties since it permits homeowners to overcome planning limitations enforced by the local authority.

Always use reputable Heated Glass Suppliers UK when you are considering Heated Glass

Glazing and Framing Solutions

ToughGlaze complete installations all through London and the UK using an adaptable and personalised solution that works well. ToughGlaze heated glass can be provided in single or triple glazed units, based on the requirements of the project.

If you wish to maximise the glazed area of your installation – and fill a living space with a lot of light – a frameless option is readily available. Alternatively, the unit may be installed straight into a framework. ToughGlaze have a team of experts available for further guidance.

Heated Glass Costs

To determine how much-heated glass costs, make contact with a member of the ToughGlaze team to discuss your requirements.

They cover all of the Greater London boroughs and the rest of the United Kingdom, for commercial and residential clients. You will find examples of their work on their Projects page.

Heated Glass Suppliers UK – Toughglaze UK

If you’d like assistance with a large project or are considering heated glass in the design phase of the project then ToughGlaze can provide assistance and advice with other glazing products for example balustrades, walk on glass, acoustic glass, partition glass and smart privacy glass, in addition to heated glass. Contact us on 0208 838 4400 and one of our team will be happy to help.