Glass Structures and Buildings

Glass Mill Leisure Centre

Glass Structures and Buildings discussed by Toughglaze UK

The use of glass is now dominating the architectural world and designers as well as architects are using toughened glass in wonderous and creative ways to make their buildings stand out from the rest, inside and out.

Here are what we think are the 5 must-see glass buildings in the world and believe us, you will be amazed at how glass has been used for creating stunning and architectural firsts. Continue reading “Glass Structures and Buildings”

Commercial Glass Doors – Finding A Commercial Glass Supplier For Your Design

Commercial Glass Doors

Finding a Glass Supplier For Your Project or Design

As you are walking through your local shopping centre you are sure to see some beautiful commercial glass doors that stand out more than others. You may see glass entryways that have special etchings on them that stand out from the rest of the crowd while others are engraved with the store logo in brilliant colours. There is a vast array of doors made from glass available on the market and these days retail premises are using them to help attract more customers into their stores. Continue reading “Commercial Glass Doors – Finding A Commercial Glass Supplier For Your Design”

History of Commercial Glass

History of commercial glass

From Kings to the Masses: A Brief history in Commercial Glass

History of commercial glass

Before we even understood the physical processes involved in forming this miraculous medium, natural phenomena were already providing it for us in ready-to-use forms. The earliest found glass artefacts are largely made of obsidian, a dark glass formed from the rapid cooling of volcanic lava and then left in easily accessible deposits. Nature’s other provision of glass before the human creation of it began came through lightning strikes in the sand, forming hollow, root-like tubes called fulgurites. Although production of residential glass has advanced well past reliance upon lightning, to the point that commercial glass no longer takes a miracle, these streaks of petrified electricity are still fascinating to scientists and hobby collectors alike. Continue reading “History of Commercial Glass”