Smartglass Questions & Answers

Smartglass Questions & Answers from Toughglaze UK

If you are thinking about Smart Glass, Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass for your home or business then this article will help with all your Smartglass Questions & Answers.

Smartglass Questions & Answers

What is Smartglass?

Smartglass is also known as Switchable Glass and Privacy Glass and is a glass whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied.

It works in the same way as a clear glass panel, allowing light to pass through it as a normal glass window as well as changing to private glass which you are unable to see through.

A click of a switch turns an electrical supply off and the liquid crystal molecules within the glass are randomly oriented, scattering light, turning it into privacy glass, making your room or area private.

When the electricity supply is turned on the liquid crystal molecules within the glass re-align, allowing light to pass through and the glass panel instantly clears, turning it back into a clear glass pane.

Is Smartglass expensive?

Smart, Switchable Glass is used much more now so subsequently has reduced in price in recent years. It is the same as any type of glass in that it depends on the size of the glass pane or panes you are installing.

What can Smart, Switchable Glass be used for?

There are many ways in which Smart, Switchable Glass can be used across all sectors and here are some examples below:

Residential – Smart, Switchable Glass is a perfect substitute for additional blinds or curtains as it is so easy to switch from private to clear. It can be used for Skylights,  Screens, Sliding Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Bathrooms, Shower Doors, Walk-on Panels, Sliding roofs and Doors. It really is that versatile.

Commercial – Smart, Switchable Glass can be used for office and meeting room partitions and doors, and these can include bi-fold and sliding doors. It is a great security glazing option for shop fronts and showrooms and you don’t need the added expense of blackout blinds or screens when you aren’t open. It is a great minimal glass to really showcase a room or an area’s contemporary design and is commonly used for balustrades, façades, canopies, changing rooms, swimming pools, saunas, wetrooms.

Healthcare – Hospitals, Clinics and other environments which require Antimicrobial elements, such as ICUs, X-Ray Screens, Surgeries, Clinics, Portable Privacy Partitions and Barriers, as well as Asylum for the mentally impaired are encouraged to use Smart Glass. It is also commonly used in Marine applications.

Hospitality – Switchable Glass can be used for bathroom screens and partitions, business centres, speech and meeting podiums, leisure centres, football clubs, aquariums, restaurant and bar screens and partitions, toilets, the options really are endless.

Security – Smart Glass is used for teller and counter screens, prisons and rehabilitation centres, anti-theft and anti-bandit barriers, airport screening, bulletproof screens and partitions, jewellery shops or quarters, antiquity point shops and vehicles.

Projection and Touch Screens – Switchable Glass is now used for internal and external HD quality projection, touch interactive screens and finger touch screens.

What are Smartglass windows?

Smart Glass windows are windows that can be switched from clear glazing to privacy glazing which you are unable to see through. They can be used in so many applications and are great if you want to keep an open feel to a room with a minimalist look and feel with no window coverings. It is also a great alternative for shopfronts as a front glazing option as you don’t need blinds or shutters as an additional cost or requirement.

Where to buy Smartglass?

Always buy your smart glass from a reputable manufacturer. Have a look at their website and give them a call to get a feel for how they work, what their design process is and how quickly they are able to supply you with your glass. Always check with them if they offer an installation service too. When looking at their website check the types of glass they manufacturer and supply, their range and good professional companies will always have a page showing you photos of projects they have worked on, their ranges and suggestions of how their glass can be used.

Toughglaze UK

Toughglaze was established in 1993 and we have over 25 years experience of manufacturing and supplying glass throughout the UK, Europe and recently the Middle East for small, medium and large size projects. We have grown over the years to become a leader in innovation for advanced glass products and have an established and developed factory which allows our customers the total confidence of all our glass manufacturing processes being done under one roof.

In our years of operation, we have heavily invested in our state-of-the-art production equipment, facilities and processes and continually focus on improving the efficiency of our production and supply methods.

Our primary business focus is providing exceptional customer service and 100% glass quality every time.

We work with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction with our supply and products always meeting the required specifications and quality standards. We have ISO 9001.2015 accreditation and maintain all BS EN requirements with Kite Mark approval for all our products.

What are the benefits of Toughglaze Smart Switchable Privacy Glass?

  • Instant privacy at the flick of a switch
  • Highest transparency available in the market
  • Lowest angle haze available
  • Blocks 99.9% of the harmful UV rays
  • 5 years manufacturing warranty (extendable)
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Maximum use of space
  • Wide variety of shapes
  • Capability to be incorporated with other products to serve all required performance levels
  • Acoustic and Sound barrier (≥39dB)
  • Largest sizes available: 1840mm x 4200mm
  • Can be produced as double or triple glazed units to achieve improved heat and solar protections levels, U value as low as 0.2
  • Mobile application (Android and IS)
  • Web based application (can be operated from around the world with a unique access password)
  • Dimming possibility from the transparent state to the opaque state (compared to only On/Off switch)
  • Online and immediate fault report through an inbuilt sim card
  • Current and voltage control to protect the panel against electrical fluctuations
  • BSI (British Standard Institute) Tested and Certified
  • Unparalleled after sales service

If you are looking for Smart Glass, Switchable Glass, Privacy Glass then contact us on 0208 838 4400 and one of our glass experts will be able to help.