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Not many people know what Water Resistant Glass is and how it can be used, so this article from Toughglaze will tell you everything you need to know.

What is Water Resistant Glass?

A water-repellent or water-resistant glass is a laminated glass with a waterproof interlayer. There aren’t many glass manufacturers out there that offer water resistant glass that has this interlayer and most glass labelled as water resistant will just have a superhydrophobic coating film on the glass. This type of glass is used for front, rear, and side windows of a vehicle to improve visibility in wet and rainy weather.

Laminated glass is very receptive to moisture, therefore de-lamination is inevitable over time when using conventional materials. With changes in the safety regulations laminated glass is now used for many applications in construction and design, especially internal and external glazed balustrades. As a result of this, it has led to more reports of de-lamination which in some cases has then become a major safety issue as it reduces the strength and durability of the glass. Delamination can also be caused by bad glazing practice. These safety issues have led customers to demand warranties for glass resistant products, however, there are still a lot of glass manufacturers and suppliers that cannot provide a warranty for their products as they don’t meet safety regulations.

What can Water Resistant Glass be used for?

Water resistant glass is used by architects and designers when you need to protect an area from outside moisture getting in or to prevent water from gathering on a walk through where people may slip and injure themselves.

Glass balustrades are an extremely popular use of structural glazing in modern architectural design. Frameless glass balustrades can be used both internally or externally to provide a level change barrier for staircases, balconies, roof terraces or access ramps in a minimal and fully glazed installation.

Shower doors can be made using water-resistant glass to prevent water from escaping from the shower onto your bathroom floor and causing someone to slip and hurt themselves.

Why would you use Water Resistant Glass and where could you use it?

Water resistant glass can be used for structural glazing schemes where there are exposed edges, and in numerous applications including; balustrades, structural facades and structural glass solutions.

Water resistant glass would be used in attractions such as aquariums which include walk-through tunnels, where you can view fish swimming overhead.

What are the benefits of Water Resistant Glass?

Water resistant glass protects moisture and rain from the outside environment getting inside, ensuring your laminated glass remains safe and adheres to glass safety regulations.

How is Toughglaze Water Resistant Glass made?

TGWR is a new product developed by ToughGlaze. It is the first laminated glass offered to the market with a guaranteed 5-year warranty. TGWR contains a new waterproof interlayer which is fully tested in accordance EN or BS 14449 regulation and it is manufactured to specification. Toughglaze has invested in new machinery and staff to produce this innovative product. To obtain the approval needed to offer a warranty back product, ToughGlaze has upgraded their standard production and has raised the standard of quality, project management and delivery methods to customers.

ToughGlaze maintains production records for each panel they manufacture and these are available to customers on their request.

About Toughglaze UK Ltd

Toughglaze was established in 1993 and has grown over the 25 years to become a leader in the innovation of advanced glass products. We have developed an outstanding factory which allows our customers to enjoy the benefit of complete confidence as all our processes are under one roof.

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We have heavily invested in our state-of-the-art production equipment and facilities and constantly improve the efficiency of our production methods to ensure safety and 100% quality and customer satisfaction. Toughglaze has achieved the transition to ISO 9001.2015 accreditation and maintain all BS EN requirements with Kite Mark approval for all of our products.

Working together we strive to ensure customer satisfaction with reliability in supply and product reassurance, meeting the required specification and quality standards.

We work in the leisure, public transport, retail, commercial and residential sectors working alongside designers, architects and construction companies to deliver state of the art and outstanding design innovations.

Over our 25 years of operation, it has been key to our success and growth to retain our understanding of the machinery, process and safety standards or glass manufacturing and this means our innovation, glass products and services are unrivalled. We are visionary when it comes to new products and trends in the marketplace, and this has resulted in us concentrating on the specialist processes and cutting edge of the fast-moving architectural market and the creation of our Bespoke Architectural Glass.

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Water Resistant Glass