Smart Glass and Windows: The Global Market to 2030

Smart Glass and Windows: The Global Market to 2030

Since the 1800’s we have all seen the changes and progression in the architecture and design of buildings and structures around the world and Smart Glass is now a feature in alot of Commercial Buildings.

Advances in material production, science and technology have enabled these changes and the transformation in the last 20 years has been dramatic. The progresssion in energy efficiency focus and materials has been huge and this has been due to improved and advanced glass manufacturing and building materials for improved comfort, privacy and sustainability.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass. Switchable Glass, Dynamic Glass and Smart windows are now used for heat management, energy efficiency, and privacy applications by modulating light transmittance when voltage, light, or heat is applied.

The technology allows state of the glass to switch from transparent to translucent, and vice versa and this can occur passively or actively depending on the device technology.

There are three main types of technologies used in commercially available smart glasses:

  • – chromic materials
    – liquid crystals
    – electrophoretic or suspended particle devices.

The smart glass and glass industry is growing fast and has been used in many high profile buildings, commercial aircraft and automobiles in the last decade. Glass has been used for state of the art buildings for Commercial Businesses such as; Google, Disney, Merck, eBay, Microsoft, Progressive, IBM and Fox News.

Glass advancements have been driven by the demands for design, privacy, adaptability, improved safety, energy savings and living comfort. Despite a rise in the use of glass in structures and interiors, cost and scalibility still remain a challenge for the smart glass industry.

Many commercial buildings now use smart glass as an integral part of their material and structure and more and more people are now using glass in their residential projects, inside and out.

The Global Market for Smart Glass and Windows to 2030 provides comprehensive analysis of the latest innovations and products in Smart Glass and Windows, developed by large companies and start-ups.

The main glass markets include:

  • – Construction glass
    – Residential and retail
    – Aerospace/aircraft windows
    – Automotive (mirrors, sunroods, glazing)

Others include:

  • – Sunglasses and visors
    – Displays

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